Saturday 31 December 2011

Review of the Year...the final chapter

Well 2011 is almost over and a very quick review of highlights of the year that are both readable and 'allowed' to be published on the net!! (lurkers out there).

Only one trip abroad this year to Sri Lanka with excellent company courtesy of Baurs, Andy, Mike, JT, Mark, James and myself had a cracking 10 days birding on this supeb island seeing all the endemic bird species currently recognised by taxonomists as well a host of great mammals as well. On the Kent scene the sad loss of Ray Turley this year leaves the county without a great chap and birder, very sadly missed. On the bird front in Kent, Northern long-tailed Tits, a resident Glaucous Gull, a Blackpoll Warbler, stunning Daurian Shrike, host of egrets, an early Whiskered Tern and an adult Sabines Gull off Shellness remain memorable. On the Odonata front, two new species for me Dainty Damsel and Vagrant Emperor, whilst moths continue to impress including the first and second record of Black spot Chestnut Moth locally. Beyond Kent, the 'Slaty- backed Gull', Oriental Turtle Dove, host of waders in the SW this autumn and the Sandhill Crane some of the highlights.
Mike has clearly produced something noxious that John has trouble dealing with!

Serendib Scops Owl at Kitugala, the highlight of Sri Lanka and one of mu most wanted birds

Just ahead of Wills and Pippa, sorry Kate, the day I finally got hitched....who would have thought that!

Sandhill Crane in Suffolk taking a break from Scotland, a well deserved UK lifer.

A quick foray into 2011, bring on 2012, but this may be the last entry to this blog as time constraints prevent updates being done, though I may use Facebook who knows

Have a great 2012


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