Thursday, 16 April 2009

No I've not emigrated!!

Just as you thought, finally he's not writing any more rubbish about Pipits or wanderings in North Kent, I pop up again 'so to speak'.
I've been busy of late with local bird survey work, excellent fun counting lots of birds you don't see such as Wrens, Robins, Skylarks etc. I've also been in Cameroon, West Africa for three weeks and have been too busy to do anything on this blog. As time allows I'll elaborate on the Africa trip, all 590 species plus a host of furries 'that's mammals' and some mega scenery. The photo above depicts a Quail Plover one of the Cameroonian specialities and a real mega that luckily for us showed very well for ages and enjoyed a paparazzi style photshoot.
More to follow soon....................