Monday, 28 December 2009

At the 12th year of waiting, an Owlet came to me !!

Way back in 1997, the astonishing news broke that Forest Owlet, Athene blewitti as it was known then was rediscovered in India after a very long absence!! Fortunately seeing this species has become reasonably easy as long as you contact the necessary people, make your way to the right area and have scouts working ahead of your arrival to locate the bird and get it lined up ready for you.
December 2009 was the year that I finally got a chance to feast my eyes on this critically endangered species during what proved to be a mega trip to NW and Central India pre Xmas, with over 300 species recorded, some really rare stuff and in great company. Once time allows I'll update you on the highlights of this must visit area of India complete with loads of wintering wildfowl, raptors, Wheatears and Warblers galore and some superb mammals 'furries' for good measure
stay tuned!!