Saturday, 9 February 2008

Return to Grain, The Purple Sand is on!

Saturday morning dawned bright and still, with high tide due at midday ish I headed East 'again' to that hallowed land of Grain once more. A brisk walk in the superb weather found me making a bee line for the outfall and 'shore enough' there was ONE wader feeding on the concrete apron, the quarry species, Purple Sandpiper. Camera at the ready I took a few shots before if flew off and joined a small group of Turnstones nearby. I managed to get some good shots when it chose to be awake and you could see the purple sheen on the feathers 'hence the name' . Also seen was a Little Egret and a Stonechat.

The Purple sheen can clearly be seen here

A photo finish with Turnstone
Nest stop the Bittern ,but he/she was not around though a flock of very vocal Bewick's Swans flew over and headed South. At the Mosco pool the Scaup was still present and still asleep. A quick look at St Mary's Bay revealed nothing of note though there were thousands of Black -hd Gull in the Estuary