Sunday, 30 November 2008

Delawarensis Dip!

Sunday 23rd Nov, certainly a day to remember. I had a late start from home but was on site at Motney Hill by 8am literally just as the first few flakes of snow started to fall. As I made my way across towards Otterham Creek there appeared to be very little exposed mud but plenty of Gulls to look at. Once in position, the snow got heavier and heavier and viewing was somewhat difficult, though despite the conditions I persevered and managed to record quite a few species and even had a visitor come and have a look at the 'nutter in the snow' . Finally, the snow stopped, then the rain started. My sanity was challenged, a common occurrence though I refused to give in and continued looking for Mr Bill Gold as a colleague at work once called Ring-billed Gull, in an attempt to relay a message to me about a bird at Dunge years and years ago. This real rarity in Kent once again failed to give itself up, and it's highly likely it was Rossi from Essex on an away day from Westcliff on sea. I finally gave up and made my way back back to the car, cold, wet, ring billed less and there was certainly no pot of Gulled at the end of the Motney rainbow, just the usual Motney odours, a Stonechat and a few cold looking dog walkers.

The final tally for Otterham though was as follows. Peregrine, 4 adult Med Gulls, 4 Spot Shanks as seen above, a Green Sand, King Ice fisher, 61 Avocet, a Sproghawk, but best of all the icing on the scope, bins, birder, and indeed Fox, this cracking Fox out for an early morning stroll complete with snow, cataract in it's right eye and a nice warm coat!

The highlight of the morning

What a fantastic sight, brightened up a cold and wet morning.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great Fox Photo's Barry!

Barry said...

Fox was excellent, shame I couldn't have used a tripod, it happened very quick. Still, reasonable shots.

Phantom Birder said...

No pot of gulled at the end of the motney rainbow!

It's hard to find that kind of wit over here mate! Although not hard to find a delawarensis! Brilliant stuff, love the fox pics.


Barry said...

Many thanks Andy,
There must be some wit over there mate, ..........surely!