Thursday, 11 December 2008

Woodlarks like Stubble

Saturday 6th Dec, a busy morning at work, I'd just got home when something started vibrating in my pocket..... I'd missed a call from Guy but got the message that there's a report of nine Woodlark off Riverside Rd, near Footscray Meadows, close to Albany Park. Following a short break we made our way towards the area using our state of the Ark navigational tool, the Mot mot of the Sat Nav World with up to date maps, no indication of hidden speed cameras and very small print, the 'compact A-Z of London. The site was duly found and within minutes the crowd of two birders was boosted by the arrival of the A Team, fresh in from Sheppey, all Raptored up and ready for action. The Manfrottos and Kowas were assembled, placed in a seemingly good spot overlooking the stubble field (that's what the gen said) and shorty after I managed to see the sneaky sods shuffling along in the stubble at the end of the field.
Excellent, Woodlarks this close to home, well former home, and showing incredibly well. Photos were taken, birds were counted and verified by an independent birder and as the birds got to their closest position so far, the mere hint of a video being carefully taken out of a camera bag found them flying off to the back of the field out of sight. Or it could have been the lady with the Hound of the Baskervilles.

An excellent break from work and a great bird in the LNHS recording area. Cracking stuff.

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great post's Barry, always really interesting to read. Hopefully these Woodlarks will stick around for me!