Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wierton Waxwings, North Kent birding and lots of rain!

Following a few weeks of blog free zone, 'excellent I hear you say' I've finally found time to update the blog. The past few weeks have been busy at work, busy with the KOS and an attempt to spend an all nighter at Martins' following a meeting plus the inauguration of Barack Obama in the USA and attempts to see Waxwings around and about. News from the duck pond at Broadditch indicated that the Falcated Duck may have finally left his chosen pond , 'but' sure enough Sat 24th he was back again with his Mallard mates and food fest. A visit to Northfleet Blue Lake revealed an increased number of Tufted Duck and an adult Med Gull seen on the lake and the nearby car park of the CTRL. Attempts to find Waxwings locally have failed abysmally though it's been interesting to check out new areas for future reference. A flying visit to Wierton last weekend produced the hoped for Waxwings though only two were seen, one depicted above happily munching on apples carefully placed on the trees by other photographers. The marvels of modern photography indicate that post digestion an apple can indeed look like a Chili as the photo below shows caught beautifully in the camera just post Waxwing! Other birds at Wierton were a Little Owl, a few Siskins and 54 Golden Plover overhead. A visit to East Malling for Waxwings drew a blank though 15+ Brambling were excellent to see amongst the Fieldfares and Chaffinches in the orchard behind the church.

Finally, a quick visit to New Hythe for the hoped for Bitterns didn't disappoint with 3 on show in an area no larger than Farmer Howards' Range Rover! The birds showed well in the rain though sadly no good for photos though I could post some of my efforts to reveal just how poor the light was!

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lee said...

Is the bottom photo a melted waxwing?