Sunday, 4 October 2009

One Good Tern..........deserves another

Ok, so I've e been busy and today I was accosted by the blog police, or should I say James 'Romperstomper' Hunter that my blog was out of date. Therefore to satisfy said parties I decided to leve my beloved Pegwell Bay, an area I've become very familiar with of late and go home to crank up the PC.
Saturday 29th Aug, yep that long ago I made an early start to open my eyes and check the time on the alarm clock, but was rudely awoken by Guy Bailey informing me he was about to venture into Dibley Land and did I want a lift.
Soon after 0830 I was heading into that scenic corner of Kent, Dartford and off round the M25 to Farmoor Res in Oxfordshire via a few Red Kites in the M40 cutting.
On arrival we were informed that there were only 2 Terns left on the Res, and they were both distant dots, a pale one and a dark one. Job done, tick them off and back for breakfast would be the school of thought for some but a quick walk to the causeway to join the small assembled crowd worked in our favour as the birds were viewable this side of the earths' circumference and superb through the scope.
An American Black Tern 'and' a White winged Black Tern together, what a treat, sadly the icing on the Dibley cake, Black Tern didn't fly in until we were back in Kent.
It was a good opportunity to study this taxonomic no hoper with a WWBT and my first ever visit to the Oxfordshire coast.
A landscape photo of WWBT, Coot, GC Grebe, Cormorant and Tufted Duck, copies available on request.
Th main event, Surinam Tern, a rare sighing in the UK and well worth the visit.
WWBT, Yankee Tern and a large overripe apple on the res.Highlight of the trip me old mate, John Dixon sporting his trademark jacket, (wonder if it's the same one from 1984? ) and beard (same as back in 84, a bit like Triggs broom). I spent many an hour with John twitching in the 80's and In Florida and on Scilly where we shared a flat, tricks, stories but strangely enough he never shared his Belgian fudge cake at Longstones, doesn't show though !!

Happy now James can I do some proper work now!!!


Gavin Haig said...

Glad the blog police are onto you :o)

Ahh, Belgian fudge cake........

Barry said...

Hi Gavin
Yep, Belgian Fudge Cake courtesy of Mrs Mumford and Longstones, happy memories. I looked at your blog but have failed to find myself or Pete Morris at Hermit Rock, Aggie. I will get the blog up to date including dare I say it a visit to your neck of the woods and 6 very smart Glissy Obi