Monday, 2 November 2009

A spare hour at Swanscombe

The first day of November was very very wet and an opportunity to catch up on some paperwork and homely things. A spare hour in the afternoon saw a break in the weather and I quickly visited Swanscombe for a quick shifty to see what had dropped in during the tropical storm!!!
Black headed Gulls were present 'as always', plus 2 Blackwits and the grotty eclipse Teal that are slowly getting back to their winter finery. A couple of Snipe probed around the muddy fringes whilst a few Herring Gulls dropped in for a bathe then flew again.
After a while a super adult Yellow-legged Gull dropped in for 10 mins and had a bathe, the first one I've actually seen on the CTRL pools. it's legs 'glowed' in the afternoon light and was easily compared with the bog standard 'Herring Gulls'
One of the showy Water Rail. Despite much trying this autumn I never did find a Crake, better luck next year hopefully.

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