Sunday, 16 May 2010

A morning at Swanscombe

I decided on another birding session close to home today and birded Swanscombe for a few hours notching up a respectable 53 species. The highlights were a Buzzard that flew high overhead at 1006 am heading North only the second one I've ever seen here and a cracking male Black Redstart that showed well on the fences until a car passed by and it vanished.
Next stop a quick check at Northfleet and Ebbsfleet CTRL with this superb Ring-necked Parakeet squawking away with it's tuneful rendition of a pet shop.
I'm always amazed by the graffiti on walls not just the quality but how they managed to get to this bank and paint, maybe a joint effort with the local scuba club. Yet another one of my local birding areas, I really don't know juts how fortunate I am I !
The local swimming pool next to the CTRL, one of over 10 signs along this walk warning of the wanton desire not to go swimming.
There we are, no digiscoped Pratincoles, Chiffchaffs, Stilts or Dukes just common local stuff that surely the blog police will enjoy reading in the absence of other locals blogs.................
photos are available on Surfbirds though you just need to Hunter them down!

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