Sunday, 13 June 2010

Med Gulls 'Common as muck'

Over the last few weeks Med Gulls have pretty much become an expected sighting in North Kent, and I'm started to see/ hear them regularly over the house now (Northfleet). This has been a great success story and one that I could never have imagined years ago whilst waiting to glimpse one at Dungeness. The distinctive call of Meds has very much become a feature of a day out in North Kent, both coastal and inland. Back in the 80's even seeing at bird at Croxley Green, West London was a red letter day yet now we expect them. The bird above was at Swanscombe, one of 3 birds that day.
The sheep fields above Capel Fleet, Sheppey home to 27 Meds the day I visited, with mostly adults present but also some 1st year and 2 year birds.
First summer
adult summer
Another adult at Shellness flew close by looking for a freebie chip or bit of batter!!

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