Friday, 6 August 2010

A Whole New World.............

A chance encounter with John Young in Dene Park a few weeks back and talk of Moths etc etc, found me visiting Johns' house a few days later with the offer of borrowing a moth trap, books and even some egg boxes....fantastic.
Like a kid with a new toy I set about with Louise re designing the garden in order that a moth trip could be sited and light up the neighbourhood. Lou and myself were keen to say the least and at midnight instead in being in my slumber I found myself competing with Lou for every moth that happened to venture into our airspace.
A few nights later, exhaustion setting in with working all day and with the kind help of Tony I started to be able to give names to some of these moths. It was a great new World to me and many an hour spent misidentifying them has ensued before Tony's' help!
It would appear that despite being a regular visitor to the DBO fridge over the years I've learnt very little but enthused by this new venture I feel I will also like others become addicted!!
Thumbing through the book I even found one named the Nonconformist!!
Well I never !
Shuttle shaped Dart
Oncocera semirubella
Knot Grass


John Young said...

Hi Barry, crakin start to a whole new world of awesome beasties. Good overcast confidtions tonight so hopefully the trap is on?

Barry said...

oh yes
Trap on, ready and waiting. Tha'll stop the neighbours hiding in the shadows!!!