Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's not my real ladder?

It's my step Ladder !!
It's been a funny old week, stuck at work all week,a good bird 270 miles North and evidently one that provoked much discussion amongst birders and non- birders.
White throated Robin at Hartlepool was always going to attract a big crowd and many were certainly not disappointed going by the photos and video.
Back home I had to make do with a local Toucan that was in a nearby garden only viewable over the fence with a ladder. This made me think about obscure moments in my somewhat sporadic ( recent years) twitching times.

I remember attempting to see a Corncrake on Scilly in 1985 which was only viewable through a tight angle into a field and surrounded other hopeful birders I decided that as a result of short stature I'd be able to see the bird by sticking my head between the bars of the gate and twisting my head and bins to the side to look along the furrows. This was fine until a bright spark started to open the gate with my head still stuck in it!

Secondly whilst running for the Northern Oriole on St Agnes, Scilly I managed to come face to face and was almost run over by a tractor, possibly the only vehicle on the island with a very irate farmer!

This was nothing though compared to the birder that I saw run over in Hugh Town running for the ferry for the Hermit Thrush. As he bounced off the bonnet of the old ladies car she seemed somewhat bemused that he simply got up, and limped off towards the quay!

Twitching is a funny old game and yes we're all a bit nutty but we enjoy it and as a result I've made loads of great friends and had some great days out in the field. The Golden winged Warbler twitch was a day to remember especially when the double decker bus blocked several hundred birders views...........simple solution, driver turned his engine off as the bus couldn't proceed along the road and lots of birders climbed aboard to get more height to view the gardens. Another surreal moment of a birder swimming across to another island on Scilly to look for a Rough leg, or Pete Milford getting caught by the tide in Norfolk and swimming back to shore with his bins tied to the top of his head.

It's a peculiar pastime but so are many others whether it's driving several hundred miles to see a concert, a a moth in a fridge, a racing event or even a field where a caravan is pitched down and you wake up to the smell of bacon all around and toilet tent zips!!

It's whatever you enjoy

Must remember to add ladder to my Xmas list !

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Tony Morris said...

Nice one Barry, it gave me a real laugh. I often wondered how and when youn neck got stretched!