Tuesday, 25 December 2007

I'm dripping from a wet Christmas'

The South Quarry at Cliffe the Xmas Eve late afternoon venue

Christmas Day 2007, certainly not the driest day of the year hence a walk that day at Trosley country park was somewhat wet. Very few birds were seen though incredibly there were several families out walking in the rain also pus a few walkers with their 'packed lunches'

Christmas Eve on the other hand was an excellent day weather wise and a few good birds to boot!

First port of call, Chetney and Funton with 3+Marsh Harrier, 820+ Knot, and an RBMerg. At Lower Halstow, the Whimbrel was in residence on it's usual 'rock' shoreline together with 350+ Brents some of which allowed me to photograph them, plus a Peregrine causing chaos and hassling a male Marsh Harrier. At Motney, very few birds bar a Peregrine and 60 Avocet. Next stop, Copperhouse Lane and 9 cracking Mergs. last stop Cliffe with 2 Scaup on the Timber lake and a second winter Caspian Gull in the South Quarry, not a bad day!!
Admitedly the piccies are pretty naff but the light was very poor by then!!!

Here's a better photo of some Brent Geese at Lower Halstow the same day!

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