Friday, 31 October 2008

Halloween at the Pond

It's that time of the year again when I pretend I'm not at home in the evening, turn off the lights, try to keep the dog amused whilst stacks of kids patrol the streets 'trick or treating', it's almost as bad as Fireworks night, another waste of time and annoyance. Anyway, on Oct 21st at the pond, yes Broadditch Pond of Asiatic migrant duck fame, I was surprised to see this family of Mallard and 5 juvs wandering the pond trying to avoid the 'new additions' to the lake, and I don't mean 'more plastic ducks' but an exotic skeletal pole dancer and a miserable old sod on a tractor that looks like you've just wandered off a public footpath in to his patch!!!
Valuable additions to the pond?
Maybe!!! but at least the Falcated Duck was still present now back into pristine male plumage with all the frilly bits once again.


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Tony Morris said...

You're turning into a grumpy old man!