Saturday, 18 October 2008

Vis Mig close to home

This morning as I was walking the dog I got the impression there were a few birds on the move and a timely call from Frank Cackett found me heading approx 2 miles South of Northfleet to a high point that I found a few weeks ago to be good for scanning for visible migration.
The area overlooks a number of fields and to the North lies Northfleet, Gravesend and the A2.
The two sessions I spent today proved to be pretty rewarding with rarely a dull moment and always something of note to count.

First session (1055-1210), second session (1550-1650)

Chaffinch 290 all moving West often in small groups, 129 later on

Siskin 1, 6 in the afternoon

Redpoll 4

Fieldfare (as pictured 'poorly' above) 24, another 26 in the afternoon

Redwing 124, 98 in the second session

Mipit 2

alba Wag 3, 2 later on

Skylark 9, only 1 later on

Starling 459

Grey Wagtail 1

Yellowhammer 2

Jay, possibly a local bird.

On the raptor front, the day saw a cracking Peregrine this afternoon, 2 Common Buzzards, 3+ Kestrels, and 3+ Sparrowhawks. It would be interesting to know the full scale of the movement today and numbers involved, clearly across quite a broad front.


John Young said...

Hi Barry, the vis mig spot you have foundlooks remarkably like Longfield gallops? Basically a set of fields just north of Longfield and I was having the same thoughts as you regarding suitably for recording vis mig. Might bump into you up there one day.

Barry said...

Hi John
The are I've strted watching is roughly a mile East of the Gallops at the junction of Park Hill and Stony Corner that adjoins Nurstead Lane. The Gallops would be as good a place and have better views further West.