Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pick of the Bunch,photographing people

Over the years I've come to the conclusion that photographing birds is much easier than photographing people, unless of course they don't know that you're taking the photo 'easier said than done' !!
Above is a poor photo of the Arabian Bustard at Waza, but at least we didn't have to ask it's permission, make sure it didn't look too staged, and with 5 plus cameras all pointing at it at once, it didn't take offence and cover it's face up..............having said that I remember trying to photograph a Puerto Rican Scops Owl many years ago that kept on covering it's face with one of it's wing when we shone a torch on it!!

Anyway, above is part of the crew taking to the water at Garoua in a decidedly 'low' boat for an Egyptian Plover photo session. ............................ It didn't sink !
A local man cycles past unaware that he's being photographed, very natural and a good depiction of normal day to day life in Cameroon,
Also this chap goes about his business selling goods
Martin negotiates a rock race having just seen Rock Firefinch, little did he know that he was just about to tick off a new species for Cameroon, Jos Plateau Indigobird !!
Ian, ponders his next tick or trip as the trip is temporarily held up in North Cameroon
M. C Hemme takes a well deserved rest from ticking, he's a busy man on the World birding circuit
This lovely framed shot depicting market life in Maroua, complete with fruits, workers, and only after I looked at the photo did I notice that although taken from the cover of the vehicle and they were unaware, when a mans' got to pick their nose, who should stop them, life goes on even though it detracts from the photo. Click on the photo to see what I mean !!!
This young lady evidently has brilliant eyesight as many local do, not destroyed by viewing computer screens all day !!
When time allows I'll post more piccies but I'll leave you with this one of Andy sapping up the atmos post Emin's Shrike in intense heat, his feet needed cooling down, whilst Ian stays down wind of the exposed socks !!

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