Sunday, 14 June 2009

WASSUP ....................At WAZA

I accept, I may not ever get this blog up to date or this Cameroon account written, but with a few spare minutes here's another update on Cameroon 2009, the showdown. We spent a few fantastic days up North staying in the Campament de Waza situated high above the dusty sand storm plains of N Cameroon that somewhat hindered visibilty at time and kept the 'Rocket Air' busy cleaning the camera sensor. You've heard of Gorillas in the mist well it was much Birding in the dust storms as the Harmattan blew relentlessly each day. Bird wise though this is a cracking part of Cameroon and Waza NP with it's fascinating entrance gate is a sight to behold.!
One of the many Target species here was El Big Bustard, Arabian a bird I'd seen previously in Ethiopia but was keen to see again, a handy year tick. Above, we see Victor our trusted guide and fix it man on Bustard patrol perched atop the vehicle avoiding high jumping Lions or curious Giraffes.
Above we see a peculiar furry, or mammal as their known we were struggling to identify but the plates in the book were fortunately good enough for us to identify it correctly.
The amazing campament de Waza on top of the hill complete with excellent food, a birthday party for Ian to celebrate ticking River Prinia, complete with a lovely cake and a swimming pool that provided Andy B with ample photo opportunities.

When I get a bit more time I'll post a few more piccies from Waza, other than Harriers. It's a great place to visit and always good to know that at the end of a hard days birding in the dust you could retire to the comforts of an A/C room, good food, company and a good shower to remove the multiple layers of dust. It would have nice to get closer to the Chad border but I guess that despite being late, I may not have a opportunity to post anything ever again on the blog, troubled area I'm led to believe. Having said that if you read the UK Foreign Office travel advice pages you wouldn't go anywhere, let alone 'known' dodgy areas of the World. Somalia, that sound a good place to day maybe!!

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