Sunday, 16 August 2009

Anal Appendages . A day out in Suffolk!!

Last weekend news was just breaking of a rare species of Dragonfly in Suffolk, Willow Emerald 'Lestes viridis'. I finally decided that I needed a break from Kent and indeed Kentish scenery and it's litter bugs. I guess the above would come in handy for a re-greasing a Morris tripod before taking it out on another outing! Saturday 15th August broke and off I sped to Suffolk with a car load of keen Odonata twitchers, ie. just me.... The 91 mile drive to Butley in East Suffolk was reasonably painless and I parked at the indicated locality for the short walk to the site. On arrival there were two other birders, Alan 'Huey' Lewis taking a break from puring scorn on Slender-billed Curlew records on the internet and Mike Duffy another Hants birder. After a few initial strings we found the big one, Willow Emerald followed by another 6 or so individuals hanging virtually motionless in the tress above the ditch allowing up close and personal views of the all important 'anal appendages' and pterostigmas the gritty bits of Odonata ID, none of this tertials and scaps terminology with birds. Following a photo session with the Willows and recording a few other Dragons in the area I wandered off to Orford Ness where eventually a Montagu's Harrier cruised by, tough the big white and obvious birds known as Spoonbills remained invisible. Flushed with success I headed back home to enjoy the delights of the money grabbing Dartford Tolls resulting in a seven mile tailback on the M25. Fortunately I paid £1.50 each way to enjoy this Great British experience made even better by the grotty, dirty, small almost insignificant signs on the bridge. saying 'Welcome' to Kent the Garden of England, what a joke, as you look ahead and see a highly polluted concrete jungle that is North West Kent!
Russell Gardner spots something good on Mikes back!
Huey, and Craig discuss the finer points of anal appendages!
Lestes viridis ' what a corker'
MEGA and my 41st species of Odonata for the UK. Stiil need to see two in Scotland plus some more vagrants!

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