Sunday, 9 August 2009

Blackwits and Halfwits .North Kent Birding!

Birding in North Kent is certainly an experience whether it be, dodging the traffic, the crowds, soaking up the atmos and the clean air, enjoying the stunning views complete with three local power stations, or negotiating piles of rubbish. North Kent has it all. In terms of birdlife though it's a gem of a place to bird though with a long list of rarities to it's name and a great spot to see birds migrating up the River Thames. Property can be hard to find at times in sought after localities and some have even chose to live locally but bird elsewhere to find richer pastures and more scenic sites.
Allhallows, gateway to the North of Grain, a mega place to bird if only birders would take the time to venture out here instead of sticking to better known localities.
The North Kent marshes looking towards St Mary's and Coombe Bay complete with local seating facilities thoughtfully left by the locals awaiting tenancy

Swanscombe marshes, another gem of a place as viewed from Galley Hill Swanscombe. The habitat here is getting better all the time ans surely it's only a matter of time it is graced by a rarity once again as has happened before with Glossy Ibis and Marsh Sandpiper in bygone times.
The CTRL pool at Swanscombe, awaiting a rare wader!
The recent star attraction at Swanscombe, this sumptuous female Red crested Pochard that graced the pools for a few days in August and attracted a crowd of TWO birders including me! Better than a gaudy Bee eater anytime, like the Murphy's I'm not bitter!
Snipe, first of the autumn at Swanscombe

Blackwits, up to 27 have been at Swanscombe in the last few weeks, noisy, graceful and a pleasure to watch. All they need now is a rarer cousin to join them!

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