Tuesday, 6 May 2008

NE India, Assam and mega birds

Spring 2007 was pretty quiet at times in North Kent and my mind wandered to distant shores and mega birds. A chance encounter with Steve Webb and Neil Bostock at Oare and talk of Eaglenest in NE India got me thinking. Within a day or two I had looked at the various options for travelling to the region, rough costs, contacts and potential birds to be seen. A few close friends were rallied for support and all seemed well until it appeared that I was the only one left able to go in early 2008!!
I decided to book the trip with Birdtour Asia, www.birdtourasia.com and ended up having a mega time with the rest of the group, a trio from Norfolk, duo from Hampshire and an ex pat from Oz!! We all met up at Delhi in a good hotel near the airport along with James Eaton of Birdtour Asia and prepared ourselves for the 3 weeks of solid birding ahead of us. The morning flight to Guwahati and onwards to Dibrugarh was painless enough except for problems with Indian traffic control though once in Assam we met with Neil Law, our ground agent and local contact.
Within no time at all we were off to the first birding site passing the many tea plantations and rickshaws. Early afternoon and we were ready with the boat at the shores of the Bramhaputra for our first taste of NE Indian birding.
The afternoon was great for birds, scenery and just getting away from it all, and the birds started to fall, one by one !!!