Monday, 12 May 2008

Old 'friends', Kites, Polly and the Six Million Dollar Man

The weekend was reasonably good for birds despite working all day Saturday and it being very hot on Sunday. On the way back from work, I spotted an 'old friend', my old art teacher at school, Mr Daley. Incredibly he recognised me from 20+ years before despite my poor art skills and lack of ability with watercolours or anything art related. In fact mt bird sketches are very much of the Picasso variety!! Sunday morning was a visit to Cliffe RSPB in the hope of a raptor or 2 due to the good numbers of raptors esp Kites and Red foots passing through the UK.
A Wheatear was watched at the 'elder bush' whilst 5 Greenshank, 11 Whimbrel, a Hobby and a Short-eared Owl were also seen together with the 'dawnish' chorus of Sylvias and Acros. But no Groppers in residence despite much listening!! A siesta at home checking websites and catching up on paperwork enable me to see photos of 'The Six Million Dollar Morris'. and spurred on by his dedication to birding even in Robo Morris mode I ventured out again into the field this time to Oare. Even Lee Majors couldn't compete.
My arrival at Oare at 1515 coincided with a very showy Little Egret but not much else not even many birders!! Fortunately at 1558 my wish came true when one then another shortly after Red Kite came through the reserve and flew around for a time before heading off towards Conyer......Excellent stuff. 13 Blackwits, a Hobby and 2 Marsh Harrier also patrolled the area. Next stop Luddenham Court one of my favourite spots with 10+ Turtle Dove and another Hobby, finishing off at Conyer with another 2 Hobby on route and a first summer Med Gull, 'another' Hobby and best of all a 'green Parrot' still to be id'd that happily squawked across the marshes. The stuff of dreams !!! NOT

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you've got to like the Stockings, real style eh!