Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Hidden Treasures of Kent

A poppy field at Luddesdown

The past week has been relatively quiet bird wise though I've managed a few trips out into the 'Garden of England' . I've always had an interest in birding little visited localities and areas on the periphery of well known sites, ie Conyer and Luddenham, close to Oare. Pigwell farm and Belgar Farm near to Lydd and Dungeness, and the marshes of St Mary's and Binney , near to Allhallows. Another excellent site to bird despite the longish walk is Stoke Lagoon near Allhallows, a seasonally flooded area that historically has been good and warrants regular watching if time allows. I visited there last weekend for a few hours and in apart from some amorous and frisky cows, the four legged kind, I had a pleasant walk. Little Egret were seen regularly plus Sparrowhawk, and a superb Med Gull that flew overhead. On the lagoon there were many Ducks though I never managed to count them due to the marauding cows. The walk out there is easy enough though the stile seen below is evidently designed for walkers on stilts or trapeze artists. It certainly should be awarded most impractical stile of the year 2008!! I reminds me of a new barrier and stile built on Dartford marshes many years ago to deter the motor bikers. the words, 'My Gran can't climb' were etched on the metalwork, testament to the skill required to negotiate this marvel of metalwork.

A Med Gull at Stoke though amazingly a pair of adults were watched for nearly an hour during the week at Luddesdown, near the church, a fantastic sight over the verdant fields and superb countryside worthy of some lovely summer walks.

Stoke Lagoon, keep checking those ducks!!

View towards Grain power station.

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