Monday, 23 June 2008

Quasimodo of the Bird World?

Very little birding this weekend, though I did manage a brief visit to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, a great place near Sevenoaks and run by the Kent Wildlife Trust nowadays. The aim of my brief visit was to see the breeding Egyptian Geese, and their youngsters. I can think of very few birds that could match these 'most pretty' of birds except perhaps Muscovy Duck, or Friarbirds from Australasia, and it seems a shame that what starts off as such a cute gosling can turn into this mismatch of avian evolution,. Having said that, I remember seeing my first 'Gyppo' Geese in Norfolk and screeching to a halt in the car, so overcome with excitement as witnessing these marvels of the Avian World.
It surely has got to be one of those birds that has a very appealing reflection, better than the 'real thing'
A cute Gosling. just don't grow up!
I saw very little else this weekend bar the LRP's at Sevenoaks showing very well and finally met 'albeit briefly' Josh Jenkins- Shaw in the hide at the reserve. Check out his blog for some great photos and local sightings.
On Saturday morning whilst walking the dog I saw and heard 8 Crossbill flying over Northfleet heading West , part of a recent movement in the UK.

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi Barry, it was nice to meet you! Great photos here and I will link you r blog to mine.