Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The Small Faces would have been proud of this Hare.
Mid June, and the start of July are often quiet and a chance to look at Butterflies, stay at home, track down Dragonflies, botanising, watching the rain at Wimbledon or our absence in other sports in Europe. Sunday 29th June was one of those days when I set off down the A2 in order to give the Treasury some more money from fuel duty, and my car runs on LPG!! I decided to take a visit to Elmley and take some piccies though it was pretty clear that there wasn't much to photograph except this Hare, and a few Little Egrets.
With all this talk of splitting in the Bird World, this Hare was evidently wondering when Mammals would be split or possibly it had just seen the latest updated file from BBRC!
A bird to photograph, a superb Little Egret, still good to see despite their abundance in Kent nowadays.

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