Saturday, 5 July 2008

Isle of Grain revisited 'once more'

A day of mixed fortunes with a Tawny Owl at Camer park this morning heard but not seen despite being very close, and the one 'common' Owl I see least of in the County. With an appointment at 1840 back home on BBC ONE I decided to head out to the Isle of Grain for a few hours and wander around the Allhallows area. A very pleasant walk, camera at the ready for the 'Black Stork' that never was! I'll see one of these one day on my jaunts out and about, though I did see it's smaller cousin 'the Oystercatcher'! The birding was excellent despite the strong wind and the 'marauding cattle that decided to charge towards me on a one way track, bordered by water and a fence. 'They won'

The birdlist included the following highlights.
Peregrine 1
Sparrowhawk 1
Med Gull 1ad
Little Egret 10+
Greenshank 15+
Spotted Redshank 1sp
Blackwit 55+

Ruff 2
Wigeon 1
Swift 100's
Teal 35+
plus Black headed, Common and Herring Gull, Sand Martins, Shovelers, and 50+ Gadwall
A great walk with a chance to get some piccies of Swifts, with 1/100 good one as below.

Pochard were present in good numbers
Swift. My best attempt despite lots of shots being taken, they're too fast for me.


mohammed said...


its nice

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Nice photo's Barry, I had Peregrine and Med. Gull at Beddington Sewage farm today, great birds. It was nice to meet you at Sevenoaks a few weeks ago.

Tony Morris said...

If it's too fast for you what about us old duffers!

Barry said...

Hi Tony
You're still very much a 'young duffer' to me, Pete's 'older' brother !!