Sunday, 13 July 2008

Isle of Grain 'yet again'

Another day on the Isle of Grain but this time in the company of John Tilbrook (JET) checking out the wader haunts and looking for that July rarity. A very enjoyable walk/stumble with good views of the waders and ducks as well as some cracking Damsels and distant views of the 'marauding cows', 'fortunately'

Birds counts today of note were

Greenshank 8+
Ruff 2 'still'
Hobby 1
Wigeon 1 still present
Little Egret 20+
Blackwits 100+ distantly at Yantlett creek
This stunning Peacock was seen on the way back
Lestes dryas or Scarce Emerald Damselfly, at one time rare in the UK the population in the ditch system here must be huge as they were easily seen in large numbers though difficult to photograph due to the wind.Mystery bird Photo 1 . Any ideas??
Johns' prowess at dealing with the 'Stoke' footpath system and user unfriendly stiles and fencing proved a bit too much to handle. Fortunately his banana was safe in the car, unscathed from the mornings events.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Mystery bird looks like Starling to me..not too sure though. Sounds like a good day but surprised that Wigeon is still about!

Barry said...

Hi Josh
Not a Starling. Re the Wigeon, I think that there was another reported somewhere in Kent last weekend. Sussex yesterday 'evening' sounded good, Nightjars are excellent. Look at David Tiplings' website for some stunning flight shots from Norfolk.

Tony Morris said...

Corn Bunting

Barry said...

Yes, Tony that's correct. You win the special prize of a weeks birding in East Kent and a season ticket for Pegwell Bait Digging 2008.

Tony Morris said...

Just looked to see I won the prize, thanks Barry!Its danglers gave it away!