Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Total Eclipse of the Duck

Sunday, was very very hot and as I was still recovering from doing non birding stuff on Saturday I decided to venture out as far as Broadditch Pond, Southfleet to see the long staying Falcated Duck that was now in full eclipse plumage. I initially thought the bird had gone or at least wandered off to another pond with it's stumpy quill wings, but sure enough it was still there hiding under the overhanging trees.
The birds' appearance has changed even from my last visit and could easily be lost amongst a large flock of Wigeon or other duck on a marsh.
Also at the pond were the usual 'bitzer' ducks, Greylags, and a family of cure Moorhen.

Moorhen chicks attempting to hide from me.

Other birds seen locally, 2 Peregrine over the Darent Valley Hospital on Monday at 5pm and a.Hobby over Northfleet on the Tues whilst walking the dog.

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