Thursday, 10 July 2008

Old Friends Reunited

Still trying to get enough of a run up to fly away!! Having not visited Broadditch Pond at Southfleet for several weeks I decided to drop in on the way home from work today to look up an old friend. I approached the area with caution so as not to disturb the 'wild' ducks and as I parked the car, there he was chugging along on the pond but looking less dapper than before, and now in heavy moult. The Falcated Duck, had lost his fine plumage but still retained some of the better bits and was clearly still hoping that his mate from Topsham, Devon would join his chosen home. As the weeks progress, hopefully I'll get more piccies to illustrate what a Falcated Duck looks like in full eclipse plumage.
Also present were the usual gaggle of Geese, Mallards and young plus a few family parties of Moorhen. What a pleasant way to spend 30 mins following a hard days work

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