Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Holiday wanderings

The last 'proper' bank holiday weekend of the year before Xmas and all that social stuff that I try and avoid. 'Thank God for Gulls'
Saturday was a work day 'again' but with two whole days to kill before work again I decided to wander off to the Hoo peninsula once again where as usual the only disturbance were the cows that decided to play flush the Geese just as I was trying to count them. The walk out from Allhallows produced a Hobby hunting for dragonflies over and a few Little Egrets overhead. Wader numbers were done but varied with a respectable 100+ Blackwits all quietly sleeping plus the odd loner wandering the marshes probing for food. Greenshank were much reduced in number with probably only 6 individuals seen plus a brief Dunlin that flew in and a vocal Turnstone that flew over calling. Duck numbers were certainly up with 550+ Teal and 5 Garganey mixed in. I was hoping for a few Whinchat but 5 Wheatear were ample compensation. A group of 5 Ruff suddenly appeared from nowhere and started feeding near me allowing me to get a few poor shots.

Ruff one of a group of five settled close by
A fine juv Spotted Redshank happily feeding with the ducks and Geese
Marsh Harrier, on patrol across the marshes and keeping the birds alert
Wheatear on the fence posts.

Yet another great visit to this area, and another poor autumn bank holiday weather wise!


Steve Gale said...

Thanks for the compliment about my handwriting Barry and I too remember the Crane invasion with a tear of nostalgia running down my cheek...

Barry said...

Hi Steve
Nostalgia, great stuff eh and I've only been birding a mere 31 years! Sadly some of the Dunge 'names' have gone but not forgotten. The late great Pete Grant who inspired so many young birders both at Dunge and on Scilly. Tim Ruck,(got me LT Skua as a lifer) Pete Boxall my old form tutor and birding pal, not forgetting Dave Yates. As a young lad I was amazed at the birding skills of the regulars and despite less regular visits now, Dunge is still a great place to bird and find your own birds. Remember the Sea Bins!!