Monday, 18 August 2008

A Scenic Left Tern

Tuesday 12th August and a little bit of spare time in the evening found me turning left out of the hospital instead of the usual right. I was then faced with a worse than usual Dartford Tunnel traffic jam probably caused by them taking a quid or more off all the punters making them have to stop! If we didn't stop to pay our duties the traffic would keep flowing!!
Anyway, a detour through scenic Dartford and onto Thames Road to track down Thamemead and it's golf course. As usual I managed to get lost but eventually found that large body of water called the River Thames and after a short wait with other fellow birders enjoyed good views of the moulting sum plum White-winged Black Tern, my sixth in the Thames Estuary and 16th in the UK. It was also a good opportunity to sap up the local sights and enjoy the view of this part of the Thames!!


Gavin Haig said...

Hello Barry
Just a quick note to say thanks for adding my blog to your links - I must reciprocate pronto. I've enjoyed dipping in to your blog since I discovered it a week or three back, as it features a bit of the world that I used to occasionally visit some years ago. For example, your shot of the scenic vista at Thamesmead takes me back to the aesthetic delights of Lower Thames birding - I can almost smell the oil depot at West Thurrock, the tip at Rainham.....


Barry said...

Hi Gavin
Cheers for that, I've never forgiven you for gripping me off with a late afternoon Radde's at St Margaret's. Great to see a blog from Devon, and some great seeabirds. As Steve Gale said Dunge seawatches don't quite compare, though the good old days of Tim Toohig, Bivvy, Steve, Alistair Forsyth at Dunge were great days ven without any seabirds!!!
Yes, East London is great, what a lovely place to live or bird!!