Thursday, 21 August 2008

Finfoot in Southfleet!!

Sunday 17th Aug and a recovery day from the exertions of trying to track down a certain elsusive birder, 'PAJM' . A visit to Broadditch duck pond was required to check up on me old mate, Ed the FalcatED Duck. Sure enough he was still there hiding under the trees and awaiting his return voyage to the far East. Incredibly though another Asian wanderer was now on the pond, and in poor misty conditions, bins steamed up, one eye partly closed and remembering the good old days of Krabi and Mr Dai, a Masked Finfoot look alike!
The resemblance is incredible, even the habit of hiding in the shady waters under the trees.
The Falcated Duck
Finfoot plasticus sneaking away from me.
The genuine article, a stunning photo by Gertrud and Helmut Denzau that adorns the superb latest Forktail published by the Oriental Bird Club. Everyone should belong to this club, for details see
Following the excitement of Broadditch a quick visit to the River Thames at Northfleet and Gravesend produced Black and Common Terns in the river.

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