Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Escape to Rutland

Saturday 16th Aug 2008 and my second ever visit to the Birdfair at Rutland . With a full car load to keep the costs down, Gary, Andy, Gordon and myself heading up North arriving at about 9.30am. The car park was already heaving and we immediately made a bee line for the optics marquees in order that Andy could pester the different manufacturers whilst I played with a rather nice Nikon 300mm lens (too nice)! With many friends to see and have a chat to the progress was at times slow and hindered by Andy calling us back to play the telescope comparison game! Eventually I managed to see a few things that I wanted to look at and track down some old mates, some more elusive than others. Colombia was tempting me back, as was Peru, Asia, and even Taiwan.
A photo of some ex Kent birders, David Tipling, Tim and Irene Loseby though shortly after this photo David had to rush off as someone wanted to buy one of his photos, hence the mobile.

Ralph and Brenda Todd were showing well, the second time in a week I saw these 'at times' elusive birders that encouraged many of us from the Dartford and Bexley area through the RSPB to enjoy birding.
Try as he could Gary couldn't escape from Andy, he just always seem to track us down, even the artists in the Art marquee were looking for him.
Late on in the afternoon and a fruitless search of marquees for one very elusive birder, that I never managed to catch up with, he had the habits of a Greater Melampitta, just as you thought you knew where he was, you waited and searched the marquee but evidently he took a different route and sneaked away unseen. (Next time Pete I'll catch up with you)! The commotion outside the mural here indicated a possible sighting of something mega, and Clive Byers greeted me with, 'I've just had my photo taken with Sir David Attenborough'. Sir David Attenborough signing autographs. (for a better photo by Tony see And that was it, a great day, lots of talking, a sighting of the equally elusive sea wanderer, Chris Collins, plus many other birders and a quick visit up the road to do some birding, with two Osprey being seen, though Gordon appeared more interested in looking at grassland management.

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