Saturday, 17 July 2010

Leeds Castle in the summer

With a yearly pass to use and no visits since March we decided to venture to Leeds Castle today to have a wander, see some Med Gulls and have an ice cream. (mango two scoops highly recommended). Busier than in March but also a lot warmer we spent a few hours wandering the superb grounds and enjoying the wildlife and seeing such award winning events as kids being chased by Geese, chasing after the ball down the slope and the finale of crying. Leeds Castle, fun for all the family and well worth the annual pass. From a bird point of view there's wild and collection birds and an opportunity to see both close up in a beautiful setting.
This Crow was waiting to be fed on the grass whilst overhead Meds and Black heads flew around calling
Med Gull, one of seven seen today
Black-headed Gull outnumbered by Med Gulls here!
Summer in the Uk, bird displays and ice cream

Shock horror as four White Storks came into view, part of the bird display! Keep an ear out for White Stork sightings in this part of Kent. Note the white rings and they all have names!
Even more of a shock 3 Black Kites that spent about 20 mins in the air catching food and putting on a great display, I almost thought I was back in Delhi!!

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