Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mark Beech Purps

For many years now I've been visiting Mark Beech near to Hever in the hope of seeing the big boy of the Butterfly World, Purple Emperor. I've found over the years that I come away unconvinced that I've seen anything other than White Admirals despite seeing black and white butterflies high above the trees in aerial display. This time I was fortunate enough to see up to three chasing each other in exactly the same spot as I always see them but this time actually see them land. Photos do indeed reveal that they are Purple Emps and I guess my previous sightings always looked smaller as a result of the distance that they are viewed at and the height of the 'master oak' ! They seem to regularly fly between 1 and 3 pm on hot sunny days and it would appear to be a reasonable place to see them, though sadly not yet at eye level
White Admiral

Male Purp Emp high above the trees
Male underwing
male in flight

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