Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Meds and Sarnies at Rye

Aware that there were lots of birds at Rye Harbour NR I decided to cross the County line heading West towards the ternery pools at Rye. If you've never been here before it's a great place that should be an extension of the Kent border that has been host to some great birds over the years, including squeaker the Least Tern that was present several years. This site must be one of the best in the UK for Terns and hosts Commons, Sarnies and once again Little Terns as well as hosting over the years Bridled, Sooty, Whiskered, WWB and Least Tern.
I spent a few hours here sheltering from the heat watching the terns and attempting to photograph them plus the Med Gulls that seem to be in abundance. I counted 78 juvs birds on the islands plus 36+ adults loafing around or attending the youngsters

Surely one of the best looking British birds, adult Med Gull

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Tony Morris said...

A nice set of photos. I got my REd-necked Phalarope tick there in about 1970 when David Flumm was warden, happy memories!