Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mid afternoon Lapwing mayhem

A lazy start today, Shoreham for Adder, Grass Snake and Slow Worm, then down to Mark Beech for butterflies. A brief stop at Chiddingstone West Kent for dragonflies was suddenly interrupted by the incredible news that the wandering White tailed Lapwing was now in at Dunge on the ARC! Ok, now being a technophobe and not having a satnav. tom tom or motmot what ever there called I have to rely on my knowledge of the Kentish road system and my instinct knowing that less than 60 miles away birders from all over Kent will be descending towards Dunge to attempt to see this lively bird that has a habit of flying off again to another county. A quick glance of the map on the floor once I pulled it from under the heap of cans and crisp bags and sense told me to head back to Bough Beech and follow the M25/M20 to Ashford
I set off at 1544 and at 1657 arrived at the car park, ARC. A quick chat with Chris, Terry and Mike revealed that the bird had already done a runner. I decided to check the RSPB approach road and a few minutes alter saw what looked like the Smart car version of the Batmobile heading along the shingle track towards me with a very red faced driver at the wheel and shouting 'it's at the screen'.
A few minutes later after a 4 point turn the car park was a seething mass of cars parking up, birders falling out of the cars and heading determinedly towards Screen Plover.
Like a Who's who of Kent birders there it was showing superbly the Lapwing I had seen a few days earlier at Rainham Essex, that then spent a short time at Slimbridge, Glos before coming back East to Dunge.
What a day, and finished with a Great White Egret at Denge Marsh and Black eyed Peas blasting out on the stereo on the way home
Monday at work was an anti climax!!

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