Saturday, 13 February 2010

CEDO Birding

One of the advantages of birding at CEDO is that in a day many different habitat zones may be visited from desert, to semi desert, scrub, woodland, grasslands and coastal. One of the big specialities nearby is White-naped Tit a scarce Indian endemic that has one of it's strongholds here and with luck and time should be seen.
One of the desert specialities is Red-tailed Wheatear, this one has chosen a raised pile of dung for a better view of it's 'flattish' environment, 'thank god for camels and being regular'
One of the major target birds in the area was Great Indian Bustard that we knew could cause us problems but finally after two entire days scanning grasslands and studying every large flying part or apparent 'lump' we saw two birds com into roost from the grasslands and a whacky races type twitch was on as we drove rapidly to the tower where despite the failing light we had excellent scope views.
The steps to heaven
Asian Desert Warbler a cracking bird and in the right habitat, common, with many individuals seen in a short period of time
Bengal Eagle Owl, and not a rock in sight seen at it's ground level day time roost expertly picked out by our guide
Marshall's Iora another speciality seen in the same habitat as the White-naped Tit
Once again we saw many Harriers including up to 70birds in the air at once towards dusk
Syke's Lark another Indian endemic
Lesser Whistling Ducks at a small lake

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