Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Slumdog Birders

It's official, I simply am unable to keep up to date with my blog, and compete with the likes of Gavin Haig and James Hunter! My excuses, well there's quite a few :
Firstly I believe it not work as well as do the odd bit of birding
I have a computer that is being very unfriendly at the moment
Talk Talk took over from Tiscali and they are.......................RUBBISH
I keep going out birding locally to count Robins !
Captain Larus keeps finding gulls at the local bottle tip !
last of all, I decided to take up the new sport of loft diving onto the landing floor (not for the faint hearted)
Here's a few shots from a recent trip to India, fully armed with the latest fieldguide we headed off into the field after a full 10 minutes in bed courtesy of a delayed flight and an over keen hotel receptionist and the early morning wake up call ! The picture above illustrates how easy birds should be to ID in India, Simples!!!!
The stunning scenery, the Taj Mabuilding complete with Black Kite and a pair of skiddies (like birding on Thanet)

The sumptuous food of India worth the visit unless of course you don't do curries. A great view, great food and Black Kites by the bucket load

Mount Abu, home of the Avadavat and alcoholic cows!

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