Monday, 8 February 2010

Furry frenzy at Velavadar

Following on from the birding bonanza at LRK we headed off to Velavadar which became a name difficult to remember initially, a bit like Marcapomacocha, Itatiaia, or even Llanfair PG in Wales! but we found the word rolled off the tongue like that ridiculous Muppets song of our youth!
We arrived early afternoon at the Blackbuck reserve and sure enough there they were in profusion Blackbuck, a handsome chap with his mates. This extensive grassland refuge is an important sanctuary and worthy of a brief stop for the hooves, other furries and the 'famous' Harrier roost where it's possible to notch up Hen (Northern), Pallid, Montagu's and Eastern Marsh as the birds fly in from miles around, the roost sometimes getting into the 100's.

One of the other specialities, Harriers aside is Striped Hyena where the rangers often know of an active den that with luck can allow you to observe this cracking canid from a reasonable range. This individual was by the den and watched a wild boar walk on by.

Jungle Cat, the most frequently observed feline, this one was snoozing by the roadside until we unintentionally disturbed it from it's slumber.

Male Montagu's Harrier, almost as good as at Elmley alongside the Blackbuck, Hyena, pack of Wolves, Pallid's galore, Drongos' Syke's Warbler and Sibe Chats.............never has the car park at Elmley been so full (Gordon I'm sure would be ready with his donation tin and anti hallucination pills).
What a bird!

Black Drongo, Nil by mouth (it appears to have lost most of it's bill but I bet that tongue could still nobble up an insect or two?)

Syke's Warbler...................really !


Tony Morris said...

Fabulous Black Buck picture Barry.

Barry said...

There's better piccies on John Youngs' site