Friday, 19 February 2010

Delhi beckons

As we left the NW of India behind and travelled back to Bhuj for our flight to Nagpur via Mumbai we reflected on what a great trip it had been with nearly all target species seen and only a few more left to target before heading back to the wintry wastelands of the UK. Despite the depiction above the guy with the mask was not covering his face because of Western odours though I'm sure all of us at some time could have benefited from a cover to mask post curry flatulence!
Crab Plover, the first ones I'd seen since 1994 in Madagscar..............a long time ago

Sleepy Forest Owlet.....THE bird to see at Melghat


Nikhil Devasar one of the partners of Asian Adventures who did us proud with the Owlet lined up in the camera on our arrival having sent a local guide out to locate one for us............that's what I call roll up and see twitching, but in this case not a rare nationally like in Kent but a Critically endangered bird in the World!
GBH (Great Black headed Gull) just awaiting landfall in the UK, that would awaken the birders from their winter recess!
The Flamingo pool at Cliffe was a bit inundated this day, a fantastic sight one of many reasons to visit India , birding at it's best

The grasslands at Lala Bustard Sanctuary, an ideal spot to locate a windfarm? I'm sure this would never happen in the UK, a windfarm in area where there's large flying birds, threatened with extinction or at the edge of their range either breeding or wintering. It would appear no where is sacred from the windfarms and the fact the Great Indian Bustards appear not to use the sanctuary much now is not surprising really............surely if this is the approach they will soon be extinct!
Slender-billed Gull, just like the one on Lade Sands many years ago, a stunning Gull in great light
Whilst we were in Nagpur we were 'bumped' from our hotel booking though the reception informed us we weren't bumped it was just that there were important guests requiring a room and surely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the Indian and Sri Lankan cricket teams were there !! Never! Apparently the guys above are famous but I know zilch apart sport especially cricket where those clean white trousers they used to wear end up getting red marks all over them ?

Sun n Sand Hotel Nagpur and the fantastic view from our 5 star room !

Volkert and a lovely pudding
Andy taking a break, tea and biscuits pre Bustard ticking.Many thanks to the lads for a memorable trip, hopefully we'll team up again one day in the future

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