Friday, 5 February 2010

Delhi to Mount Abu express

Following on from a great meal in Delhi and having paid our monies to Iqbal it was time to head off to the train station, and hopefully a good nights sleep. The morning had been excellent with a few new birds, some great photos and a taster for our 2 week trip to NW India. The Orange headed Ground Thrush above was a real belter at Okhla, and despite being a 'common' bird this was the first chance I'd had to get some good piccies.
A short taxi ride to the station and back on track so to speak we awaited our train to Abu Road a long overnight journey of some 11 hrs or so. Once we identified the correct train and found our cabins we chained our bags to the beds (can't be too careful.............have you seen Slumdog Millionaire !!!!) and awaited the trains departure. Incredible as it may seem and a lesson to be learnt by British trains we departed exactly on time and soon we were able to savour the delights of rail travel in India, the ambiance of the situation, the sweet smell of curry, and the aroma of the hole in the floor..... bog to you and me ! Anyway, I lost my train of thought there and soon we were served a sumptuous meal 'well food anyway' plus drinks and had a comfortable bed to sleep in listening to the clicking of train tracks and clinking of chains . The hours passed by, and we made a few brief stops in the darkness of night somewhere in India until it was nearing day break and we woke up ready for cation to get off the train 'hopefully' at the correct station. Sure enough, out of the gloom appeared a small sign on the platform, Abu Road and within seconds we were off the train fresh as a poppadom and met by our Nepalese guide for the next 10 days, Ganesh.

Volkert having an early morning cup of chai and train issue company biscuit

Mount Abu.....home of the Green things and a mega place for a day or two birding. We headed off up the hill seeing some cracking stuff, Shikra, Indian Vulture (MEGA), Blue capped Rock Thrush (MEGA MEGA) and a bit of good fortune allowed us to see Indian Scimitar Babbler a new bird and a real cracker at that...look at that bill

Following on from the success of the Scimitar Babbler we headed on further up the hill and sheltered from the sun by a small stream home to loads of species including the hoped for Green things

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Fantastic stuff! I must get a job and get out of Britain for a while!