Monday, 24 March 2008

8 Years away from SAGA. Black th Diver saves the weekend

March 24th, hair trimmers at hand, grey stubble, thinning on top, only 8 years away from SAGA membership , can life get any better. The weather is still rubbish, my Easter egg has all gone, oh for some birds to look at. Then suddenly things looked up, a Black throated Diver is found at Danson Park lake, near Bexley and I head off down the A2 in the snow and watch the bird in the snow until finally there's a break in the weather and I celebrate my 42nd old day with a corking BTD.

At Bough Beech a Robin shows well but little else whilst forunately at Knole Park the snow stopped for a while otherwise I would never have seen this albino Deer.