Thursday, 20 March 2008

Irish Birding. The Final Chapter. West End Gulls

The after brekkie birding was as good as the pre cholesterol birding, with the Ring-billed Gull showing well with his Common cousin at Nimmos and the Iceland Gulls still waiting for bread!
A return to Nimmos in the afternoon turned up this second winter Kumlien's Gull for a short while whilst as can be seen below, another bird was at Rossaveal though as with Nimmos no Glaucs waiting for their photo opportunity.
A couple of piccies of the Rossaveal Kumlien's, above and below

As a final treat we visited Limerick on route to Shannon airport to give Gull Boy James more practice and enjoyment at feeding the Swans 'from a safe distance' . No white winged Gulls though, but a cracking first visit to the Emerald Isle, seen in all it's glory in the continuing rain. We managed to record over 90 species including all the hoped for species. Many thanks to the excellent company and Ryan Air flights.