Saturday, 15 March 2008

A new Country. Irish winter birding (part 1)

A late evening flight, arrival into Shannon airport, hire car at the ready, then a snap decision to head North to Killibegs, for a white winged Gull fest and sweet and sour Fishy odour!! The miles/km soon passed by as we headed to Killibegs a huge Fishing port in Ireland where upon arrival at 3am we settled into our hotel Avensis on a calm, dry night ........... That soon changed though. The rain started to fall on the windscreen the wind picked up, inside and outside the car and by 7am I could wait no longer for my first taste of Irish birding 'and weather'.
Outside the weather was foul, in fact it was diabolical but despite this we started the Gull scan and soon pickde up Iceland and Glaucous Gulls through the rain and mist. There were 1000's of Gulls everywhere and the views at times were fantastic. With a slight lull in the weather, all 1 m inute of it, Richard our driver, guide and windbreak picked out a cracking adult Kumlien's Gull amongst the raft of Gulls though the weather prevented using cameras to record this loafer.