Friday, 21 March 2008

The Swanscombe Pipits

The Bridge at Dartford viewed from Swanscombe foreshore last weekend. Prime habitat for wintering Pipits, with historical records of 80+ birds!!! In recent years 10-20 birds is more usual with 13 seen on 28th Feb this year and 8 on 15th March.The best spot for the Pipits, adjacent to the old jetty. The bird above and below were taken on 15th March 2008 and show a bird that is not very well advanced in it's spring 'Littoralis' Scandinavian Rock Pipit plumage. The underparts streaks are becoming more diffuse but there is only the slightest hint of a pinky flush. One of the birds seen this day was in much better plumage similar to the birds at Sandwich at the moment, see

The bird below was photographed at Swanscombe a few years ago also in Mid march and is a much better looking bird.