Monday, 24 March 2008

The Meaning of Easter. Birds, Chocolates, Churches and Poor photos !!

Easter was very early this year and fortunately for all of us we won't be around for the next one this early again as the weather was pretty appalling and Church would have been the best place to shelter from the rain and snow and you'd think it was Xmas with the weather !! Well I may have passed many churches this weekend, Cooling is a a rather smart one, but as per usual birds and pictures were on my mind plus of course Chocolate, a good excuse at Easter to eat more than usual. The series entitled Willy's' wonky Chocolate Factory has now ended but a look on the website indicates that the Cacao farm is situated within Henri Pittier National Park a fantastic park in Venezuela teeming with birds. The other association that I remember well between Venezuela and Chocolate is that when I was there in 1994 it cost me more to buy a Mars bar than to fill the car up with fuel !!! Imagine that scenario in Britain !
Anyway my best attempts and worst attempts at bird photography in Kent this Easter as pictured here taken in rain, snow, poor light, birds too close, too far, windy, eating chocolate, dog scared them off etc. the Med Gulls were at Copperhouse Lane situated just West of Riverside CP in Medway a great area for birding and enjoying the Easter weather. The beauty of Copperhouse is that the tidal mud is right next to the are where you view hence easy birding. The only other birds of note were 86 Brent Geese whilst Wood pigeons put on a good show and a pair of RB Mergs were in Funton Creek with a Peregrine nearby.
hoorah (crap light though)
It was snowing, bird too far away!